Amliat Books Imran Naagi B.A urdu_books Jinnat Sex or Insan By Nagi B A

جنات سیکس اور انسان ازعمران ناگی بی اے۔
جنات کے وظاءف اور لاہور میں جنات کے ٹھکا نے۔
Jinnat Sex or Insan book written by Imran Nagi B A. This Amliyat book is very rare in the world because the
original and true amliyat books are not available easily for every one. Difficult to find the hidden content of the horror book beyond the normal way.This book material is on relationship between Jinnat and Human. what kind of relations between them? although all information about the jinnat and who can capture the jinnat wazaif are mentioned in this book, and also sex relation with jinaat man or woman are briefly discuss. This amliyat bookare completely filled the information about the Jinnat.All these question mention below, giving the answer in this book.
who can control the Jinnat.?
who can protect from the Jinnat.?
are the jinnat can make relation with human.?
are the jinnat can make sex relationship with human.?
what is the history of Jinnat.?
what is the difference between jinnat, human and Angels.?
are the devil father of the jinnat.?
who are the better one between the jinnat and human.?

and many more………………………questions are in your mind hope find in this book