Halala Ki Churi Pdf Urdu Book Free Download

Free down load or examineon-linesome otherought toexamine Urdu ee-e bookHalala Ki Churi” and examineapproximately the shameful “Halala” in simple Urdu language. “Halala Ki Churi” is the namecall of this Urdu ee-e bookthat’s authored with the aid of using Mr. Abu Sharjeel who can be an Islamic pupildue to the fact he has written this Urdu ee-e bookwithinside themild of Islam. Halala Ki Churi way the knife of Halala. According to Islam, whilea person divorces his spouse then he cannot re-marry her divorced spousetilla person else marries his divorced spouse and once more divorce her after sexual intercourse. So whilea few one divorces his personalspouseafter which regrets and wills to marry her lower back then they contacts to so-known as Islamic pupils who advocate them to do Halala whereina person or the pupil himself marries his divorced spouse for one night timeafter which divorces her so that you can make it marry-capin a position for the primary husband, that isknown as Halala that’scompletelyincorrect in Islam. Islam does now no longerpermit Halala. Nikah is a dedication for entire life. Abu Sharjeel has written approximately Halala and Islam on this Urdu ee-e book Halala Ki Churi. He has additionally written approximately Divorce in Islam. Abu Sharjeel has additionallyaccrued the lesson capin a positiontestimonies of the sort offolks whodevoted Halala. Halala Ki Churi is all approximately Halal and Divorce. Halala Ki Churi Urdu ee-e bookwith the aid of using Abu Sharjeel is right here in Pdf format

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